NORDHAUS REAL ESTATE real estate in Latvia
Date: 6. September
Time: 03:50
Commercial premises

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NORDHAUS offers you the complete scale of service and support in the real estate market such as:

- Intermediation services on transactions of real estate

- Purchase, sales, rent, exchange

- Consulting on legal issues, financing and all other real estate matters.

- Property evaluation and time estimation for completed selling. To ensure (facilitate) the selling of your real estate according to your wishes our company will place your provided information into our homepage, newspapers and magazines on realty. Also we cooperate with other firms involved in the real estate business.

- Purchasing: after knowing your wishes, our agents will assist you in finding a realty that meets your requirements. The realty expert will offer you various possibilities to see several estates, and he will evaluate the relation of the price compared to the realty to be purchased (same with land, apartments, houses, commercial areas)

- Rent: we will help you to find both - rooms for living and commercial purposes, using our data base and the experience of our employees.

- Financing: We cooperate with bank specialists on loan /mortgage  matters.

- Documentation: Our specialists will asist you in filling and submitting the necessary documents required to purchase your real estate through your bank.

- Services on legal issues:

1. Preparation of various civil legal private contracts (purchase contract, deposit contract, rental contract etc.)

2. Creation and submitting of documentation to the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia for registration

3. Creation and submitting of documents to the Land Register

4. Consultations.